Business Golf in Auburn

Golf is a game that provides ample opportunities for the player to demonstrate wonderful or dubious behavior. A missed shot or inconvenient bounce or roll provides the occasion for the golfer to act out, sulk and even cheat. Observing someone in the midst of playing can tell you a lot about the person that you're playing with.

Take clients and colleagues out and watch how they behave. If they cheat at golf, they just may cheat in business. If they throw clubs and stomp around after a bad shot, they may be prone to temper tantrums at work, too. But, on the other hand, if they can keep themselves under control and count every stroke, chances are they'll handle adversity in stride and be honest and forthright in the work setting. There are lots of Auburn Golf Courses you can enjoy with your clients.

Ridge Golf Course & Events Center
2020 Golf Course Rd, Auburn, CA 95602
Phone: (530) 888-7888

Black Oak Golf Course
2455 Black Oak Rd, Auburn, CA 95602
Phone: (530) 878-1900

Raspberry Hill Public Golf
14500 Musso Rd, Auburn, CA 95603
Phone: (530) 878-7818

Darkhorse Golf Club
24150 Darkhorse Dr, Auburn, CA 95602
Phone: (800) 775-2299

Lake of the Pines Golf Course
Auburn, CA 95602
Phone: (530) 268-8337

Auburn Valley Golf and Event Center
8800 Auburn Valley Rd, Auburn, CA 95602
Phone: (530) 269-2775

Winchester Country Club
3030 Legends Dr, Meadow Vista, CA 95722
Phone: (530) 878-3000

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